Impact Report 2021-22

Between 2021-and 2022 we:

  • Provided over 300,000 meals
  • Mentored almost 600 young people
  • Ran 67 family support projects

And much more!

Read our 2021/22 Impact Report here.

Impact Report 2019-20

The year 2019-2020, was a challenge for us with the advent of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns and restrictions.

In spite of making major changes to the way we delivered our services, we saw income rise by 25.4% and expenditure by 14.1%.

Some 43,268 people access our 209 projects and services.

Read our 2019/20 Impact Report here.

Impact Report 2018-19

In our 2018/19 Impact Report, we concentrated
on the evaluation of our youth and children’s work, community empowerment programmes and advice and support services across 12 Hub charities.

Some 23,000 people accessed our services of whom nearly 7,000 were youth and children and over 5,000 were adults attending community empowerment and adult education classes.

Read our 2018/19 Impact Report here.